Online Tools & Software

Below are links to online tools produced under the IEA SHC Programme

Online Database: Architectural Integration of Solar Thermal Energy Systems Online Database: Architectural Integration of Solar Thermal Energy Systems
Task 39
January 2014
By: Ingvild Skjelland et. al.
--- This database presents a range of buildings where solar thermal energy systems have been successfully integrated in the architecture. The core element of a solar thermal installation is solar collectors that convert the energy in sunlight directly into usable heat. These collectors can be aesthetically integrated with the building envelope or they can be mounted onto a building. Solar thermal installations have high energy capacity, and end users therefore benefit of an attractive pay back on their investment.
Web-site: Innovative solar products for architectural integration
June 2013
By: Maria Cristina Munari Probst, Christian Roecker, Laurent Deschamps (EPFL-LESO). Products updates June 2013 - June 2017: Pietro Florio, Maria Cristina Munari Probst.
Publisher: IEA SHC
This website shows in an attractive way the innovative/inspiring solar products for building integration now available on the market. The website is dedicated to architects and has three sections: photovoltaic, solar thermal and hybrid systems. By choosing a specific technology and integration approach (roof integration, facade integration, balcony etc) the user receives a selection of appropriate products, presented in the form of virtual A4 sheets. These sheets include dedicated information, contact details and pictures, both of the product alone and in situation on buildings. The website was developed by Task 41, Subtask A, and will continue to be updated within Subtask D in Task 51.
Website: A Web-Based Expert System for Energy Efficiency in the Food Industry
Task 49
January 2013
By: Hans Schnitzer
Publisher: European Roundtable for Cleaner Productions and Consumption, Istanbul, June 2013
Spreadsheet: Net ZEB Evaluation Tool
Task 40: Excel Spreadsheet
November 2012
By: Annamaria Belleri, Assunta Napolitano
The Net ZEB evaluation tool is an excel-based tool that enables energy balance, operating cost and load match index calculation for selected definition. It aims at evaluating solutions adopted in new building design with respect to different Net ZEB definitions (for building designers), assessing the balance in monitored buildings (for energy managers), and assisting the upcoming implementation process of Net ZEBs within the national normative framework (for decision makers).
Net Zero-Energy Buildings – Map of International Projects
Task 40: Map Project
January 2010
By: Task 40
A research group within the IEA’s “Towards Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings” project has analysed and evaluated the conceptual approaches and performance of almost 300 net zero-energy and energy-plus buildings worldwide. This Google Maps view presents and provides links for sample projects from around the world along with basic project data.