National and International Comparison of Case Studies on Solar Energy in Urban Planning

January 2018 - Posted: 2/8/2018

This report presents 14 comparisons among the case studies collected in the Task 51/Report C1. The case studies represent new urban areas, existing urban areas and landscapes. The comparisons concern 1) scale and planning process, 2) legislation and technology and 3) targets and goals. Each comparison provides lessons learnt and recommendations for the different target groups, such as urban planners, architects, researchers and urban stakeholders involved in the planning process.

By: Olaf Bruun Jørgensen, Silvia Croce, Johan Dahlberg, Aymeric Delmas, François Garde, Simone Giostra, Jianqing He, Miljana Horvat, Jouri Kanters, Karin Kappel, Margarethe Korolkow, Carmel Lindkvist, Gabriele Lobaccaro, Marja Lundgren, Anne Monnier, Marlene Moore, Emilie Nault, Romain Nouvel, Rossana Paparella, Alexandre Pavlovski, Giuseppe Peronato, Christina S. Polo López, Alessandra Scognamiglio, Tanja Siems, Katharina Simon, Simon Stendorf Sørensen, Daniele Vettorato, Daiva Walangitang, Maria Wall, Annemie Wyckmans, Isa Zanetti
Editor: Gabriele Lobaccaro, Carmel Lindkvist & Maria Wall
Publisher: IEA SHC Task 51
Document Number: Task 51/Report C2