Subtask B: Performance characterisation of solar envelope elements

Report on Barriers for New Solar Envelope Systems
Report on Barriers for New Solar Envelope Systems
Deliverable B.1
November 2018 - PDF 0.46MB
By: Carolin Hubschneider, Christoph Maurer, Ellika Taveres-Cachat, John Hollick, Philippe Lemarchand, Roberto Garay, Roel Loonen, Vickie Aagesen
Editor: Christoph Maurer
Publisher: IEA SHC Task 56
This report is a result of extensive discussions within Task 56 of the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC) of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Innovative solar envelope technologies face multiple barriers, which prevent some of these innovations from contributing significantly against climate change. This report presents the barriers that the experts of Task 56 are aware of. The aim is to provide a comprehensive view (as much as possible) that developers of new integrated solar envelope systems could benefit of, at an early stage of their planning phase.