Task 60 Highlights 2018
Task 60 Highlights 2018
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A solar PV/Thermal (PVT) collector produces both heat and electricity. Two recent developments in the heating industry are opening the door for PVT applications.

1. The strong and increasing interest in Building Integrated PV (BIPV) and Façade Integrated PV (FIPV) not only in office and industrial buildings, but also in residential buildings where electricity and heating and sometimes cooling is required.
2. The developments in heat pump technology create more possibilities to make use of the low exergy heat source of uncovered PVT collectors and reduce the energy cost for the user and the need for borehole storage.

The HVAC industry, however, is not fully aware of the possibilities and benefits of PVT solutions, and international standards are lacking, which creates less confidence for the final PVT customer.